Ambassadeurs + Demmy Sober LIVE! + Boldtron B2B Demmy Sober (DJ SET) @ Razzmatazz

I just received the pictures from last Saturday. As I said in my first post┬áit was my debut concert as a solo artist and I’m so honored I got to do this at Razzmatazz (one of my favorite venues in Barcelona) next to my best friend Boldtron and my amazing live DJ Mr.K!

Boldtron started the night DJ-ing, me following with my live concert presenting my not-yet-released debut EP, Ambassadeurs continuing and then Boldtron and I dj-ing back 2 back ending the night.

You’ve already seen the backstage pictures, here you get to see what we really did during the night.

Photographer: Sara Hernandez Pons


Ambassadeurs (DJ SET)



Boldtron b2b Demmy Sober (DJ SET)


Me with my amazing crew. Thanks for the support!



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